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Addressing Life Issues with Youth | Michelle Bauman from Y4Life

On this episode of The Concordia Publishing House Podcast, guest Michelle Bauman joins Elizabeth Pittman to discuss life issues and how she helps youth address these topics from a Gospel-centered perspective. Michelle is the director of Y4Life, an organization that seeks to equip high-school- and college-aged youth to be Gospel-motivated voices for life. 

Learn more about Y4Life and the Y4Life conference by visiting

Show Notes
A wide scope of life issues exists in today’s world. In this episode, Michelle Bauman shares her insight into the depth of life issues impacting our world and how she works to help youth address these issues head on. Michelle also gives a glimpse into Life Week and the Y4Life conference that took place this past January in Washington D.C., what supporting life looks like in a post-Roe V. Wade society, and how youth across the country can get involved with Y4Life to support the promotion of life-affirming values in their schools, communities, states, and nation.  

Y4Life website:               
Y4Life on Instagram:  @lfly4life


–          Tell us about the structure of Y4Life and how that looks at different schools across the country. 

–          Why do you see youth wanting to be involved (in Y4Life)?

–          Life issues go farther than abortion. Tell us why we should care about all life issues. 

–          Our culture often tells women, “My body. My choice.” How does Y4Life suggest responding to that and pivoting to the point that all life is valuable?

–          How did the overturning of Roe V. Wade affect your work and the work of Y4Life and Lutherans for Life?

–          If one of our listeners is at a school or in a place that doesn’t have a Y4Life team – how can they get started?

–          Leave our listeners with a word of encouragement for supporting life and how we can serve our neighbors through this work. 

About the Guest
Michelle Bauman is the Director of Y4Life and joined Lutherans for Life in 2019. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Lutheran teaching from Concordia Nebraska and a master’s degree in English from the University of Indianapolis. Michelle helps young adults understand and address life issues from a Christian perspective. Learn more about Michelle at