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Confessing Jesus | Molly Lackey

In this episode of The Concordia Publishing House Podcast, author Molly Lackey discusses what it means to confess Jesus and explains how we find our identity in our Creator.

Molly's book, Confessing Jesus: The Heart of Being a Lutheran, will be available to pre-order soon at

Show Notes:      

Molly Lackey offers a unique perspective on what it means to be a Lutheran. She reminds listeners that their true identity is found only in Christ Jesus. This brings us great joy as our Creator has control over our lives and calls us His own. 

Molly's book dives into five big questions: Who is Jesus? What did Jesus do? Where is Jesus now? When is Jesus coming back? And why did Jesus do all of this? This podcast episode touches on a few of these as well as the blessings that come from Jesus in the Sacraments. 


Questions Covered

Before we can know ourselves, we need to know Jesus. Who is Jesus?

What can we find out about God from nature, reason, and the world around us? What can we find out only from the Bible?

What did Jesus do? What is that important?

Let’s talk about the Ascension. What does it tell us?

How does Jesus’ presence in the Sacraments affect us?

What does Jesus’ return tell us about our identity?

What joy comes from putting our identity in Jesus rather than anything else?

What are some of the things that can distract us from Confessing Jesus? 

How can we take our re-found identity in Jesus, along with the full trust in Him, and proclaim this good news to people who may not be totally open to Christianity/Lutheranism? 

What does confessing Jesus look like in day-to-day life?

In Chapter 4, in the section “Jesus Cares for You When You Die,” Molly writes that “The dead do not appear to send us messages — we don't even really know if the dead are aware of what is going on in our lives back here on earth. While their bodies slumber in the ground below, their souls are carried by the angels up to Christ, where they rest and are comforted…” My question is what is the Lutheran response to explaining people who claim to have received or experienced receiving a message from a deceased loved ones and hauntings with ghost sightings?

When we struggle to remember the blessings of Jesus, what are some things that we can do to remind ourselves of all that He does for us?

Why did Jesus do all of this? Why does that matter?


About the Guest

Molly Lackey is a wife, author, and church historian. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Alabama with a triple major in History, German, and Latin and a Master of Arts in Early Modern European History, with an emphasis on the Reformation in Germany, from Saint Louis University. Molly has contributed to Words of Strength and Promise: Devotions for Youth (CPH, 2021), has written for Higher Things Magazine, and has appeared on KFUO. She enjoys reading and talking theology with other laypeople, creating art, and drinking tea with her husband. You can read her online at her blog