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Explore Historic Christian Symbols | Edward Riojas

On this episode of The Concordia Publishing House Podcast, Edward Riojas joins us as our guest to discuss his new book A Complete Guide to Christian Symbols. Edward dives into the importance and history behind sacred symbols and how they can deepen our faith. 

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 Show Notes

Listen now as author and artist Edward Riojas dives into the world of Christian symbols. 

Edward joins host Elizabeth Pittman to talk about his new volume of more than 600 historic Christian symbols. The pair explore how in today’s church, we now use these same symbols throughout the sanctuary and in worship materials that Jesus Himself used in his teachings. Edward emphasizes the importance of symbols and art in understanding Scripture and why church leaders should carefully treat each symbol they use during worship. He also talks about how this volume came to be, some of his favorite symbols to investigate, what young artists should know, and more. 

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– Tell us about your life as an artist in the Christian and secular space.

– Talk about the impact that art in general and symbols have on our faith and understanding of Scripture. 

– Where do you see symbols being used well in the church today?

– How have you seen some denominations embrace or shy away from using symbols?

– How long ago did you start this project? Tell us a little bit about how this book started. 

– Who else is this book for besides pastors and worship leaders? How will history buffs benefit from reading this?

– Did anything surprise you while working on the book?

–  Do you have a favorite symbol from the book? Or three that you gravitate towards?

–  Why is it important for us as Christians to understand these symbols rather than just passing by them?

About the Guest

Edward Riojas graduated summa cum laude from Aquinas College, Grand Rapids, Michigan, with a BFA degree. He has worked professionally for more than forty years, including thirty-one years in the newspaper industry. Riojas has returned to his fine-art roots, creating sacred art for commissions and collaborations with various Lutheran entities. His work can be found in sanctuaries, institutions, private collections, and markets throughout the United States and across the globe.