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Faith at Work | David Loy

In this episode of The Concordia Publishing House Podcast, Rev. Dr. David Loy joins as our guest to talk about how our vocations flow out of the love God has shown for us in Christ. Dr. Loy is the general editor of Faith at Work: Christian Vocation in the Professions.

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Show Notes:

Listen to the full episode now as Rev. Dr. David Loy, dean of Christ College at Concordia University Irvine, talks about our called vocations as Christians, professions versus professionals, how Faith at Work can be used by readers from all vocational backgrounds, and more.

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  • How was the process of editing Faith at Work?
  • What makes this book unique from other books about vocation?
  • Explain the difference between professions and professionals.
  • Speak to the idea in one of the chapters that touches on non-Christians and whether they have vocations.
  • The book was set up in two parts, with the first part emphasizing vocation and human flourishing. Why was it important to have it positioned like that?
  • How do you see this book being used by readers?

About the Guest:

Rev. Dr. David Loy is the dean of Christ College at Concordia University, Irvine.