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Welcome to the Concordia Publishing House Podcast where we consider everything in the light of Jesus Christ who is the same today, yesterday, and forever. Hosted by Elizabeth Pittman.

Focusing Our Schedules on What Matters | Kayse Pratt

In this episode, meet the founder of Anchored Women, Kayse Pratt, as she introduces us to a philosophy to help us use our schedules and to-do lists by refocusing on biblical truth. 

 Kayse is a wife, a mom, and the founder of

 Show Notes:

We often can feel overwhelmed or scatterbrained when looking at all the things we want and need to do. Oftentimes, time spent with Jesus is pushed to the side or ignored with a simple “I’ll get to it later.” In order to best serve our homes, we need to be anchored in Christ. Join us in this episode as Kayse Pratt, the founder of Anchored Women, walks us through our schedules and to-do lists and helps us refocus on what really matters, living lives that are anchored in God’s Word. As we approach the new year, Kayse guides us to understand that we can bring our faith into everyday tasks so that our time with Jesus isn’t just marking a box. 

Questions Covered:

  • What is Anchored Women?
  • With all the things that can consume us, how can we make sense of our to-do lists while keeping ourselves focused on what really matters?
  • How can categorizing help you fit tasks into a week?
  • What does goal-setting do for finding focus?
  • How do you weave in personal devotion time?
  • What can you decide prior to your devotional time to help work it in smoother?
  • What can you do if your phone distracts you?
  • How does feeling overwhelmed lead to burnout?
  • When can the to-do list become a hindrance instead of help?
  • How can we stop and reflect on our need to stay anchored in what matters in the new year?
  • How do we plan for a future when we don’t know what the next quarter will look like?
  • Is it okay if our goals and focus change?
  • What does having peace for the new year mean when we know Jesus?

About the Guest

Kayse Pratt is a wife, a mom of 2, and no stranger to that feeling of constant overwhelm, always feeling like there’s never enough time in the day. She is the founder of She shows us a new approach to home and faith that includes biblical encouragement, partnered with practical, step-by-step help for managing our day-to-day lives. It is a philosophy that anchors us in God’s Word AND helps us manage our busy lives with a little less stress + a lot more joy!

About the Host

Elizabeth Pittman is the manager of public relations and CGO at Concordia Publishing House. She received degrees from Valparaiso University and the University of Missouri School of Law. It should come as no surprise that Elizabeth is passionate about sharing the love of Jesus. Her life is very busy raising three active sons with her husband.