Fostering Faith in Young Adults | Rev. Dr. Pete Jurchen

Today on the podcast we talk with Rev.  Dr. Pete Jurchen. He shares some tips and strategies with us for how we can help encourage healthy faith habits in our young people.

For more from Dr. Jurchen on lifelong learning of God’s Word, consider reading Timeless Truth: An Essential Guide for Teaching the Faith.

For more on the importance of building a faithful community of adult lifelong learners in your congregation, consider reading Built on the Rock by Ted Kober, or Connected to Christ: Overcoming Isolation Through Community by Brian Davies, either on your own or studying it with your congregational leadership. 

For an excellent resource that provides lectionary-based daily readings from God’s Word for youth and adults, along with daily prayers and other devotional materials, consider using Treasury of Daily Prayer or the PrayNow app. Build the habit of being a lifelong learner of God’s Word through daily engagement with the Bible, and encourage others to join you!

For building up the habits of daily learning God’s Word in your household, consider reading Portals of Prayer, Portals of Prayer for Kids, or any other of CPH’s excellent devotional materials that heads of households can read with their families each day. By simply devoting a few minutes each day to reading these devotionals, in the morning, at meal time, in the car, or before bed, you can help establish a culture of lifelong learning of God’s Word. 

Dr. Jurchen also referenced Luther’s Small Catechism with Explanation which contains not only contains the core teachings of the faith, but also different prayers to help form the habits of lifelong learning of God’s Word. This is not only a book for Confirmation instruction, but is a manual for discipleship for the lifelong learner of God’s Word. The book Luther’s Small Catechism: A Manual for Discipleship, wonderfully explains this.

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