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Generosity | Rev. Philip Krupski, LCMS Foundation

Show Notes
Rev. Philip Krupski, Senior Vice President of Gift Planning Services for the LCMS Foundation, discusses what it looks like for Christians to be faithful and thoughtful stewards of God’s gifts. He also shares a fresh perspective on generosity and its implications on our daily life, as well as some ideas about vocation in terms of being god stewards with both our physical and spiritual gifts. 

Questions Covered:

Tell us about the work of the LCMS Foundation.

Define generosity. How can the term “generosity” be misleading?

What does it look like for Christian to be faithful stewards of God’s gifts? Can you share an example or two of this?

How does the Foundation equip people to be faithful stewards?

If someone wants to learn more about creating a gift plan, where should they start?


About the Guest:

Rev. Philip Krupski serves as Senior Vice President of Gift Planning Services for the LCMS Foundation. In this capacity, he is responsible for leading the deployed gift planning team across the Synod in assisting God’s faithful stewards in planning their gifts to show love to family and to support ministry. He also looks to create and support relationships with ministries across the Synod, assisting them in discovering opportunity to plan for solid, future, ministry support through gift planning.

Phil has served the Church his whole life. Being raised in a pastor’s family, he attended Concordia University, Ann Arbor, and Concordia Theological Seminary, Ft. Wayne. For more than 26 years he served three congregations as pastor; he served at First Lutheran in Kingsley, Iowa, St. John’s in Peru, Indiana and St. John in Indianapolis, Indiana. Twenty-four of those years of ministry were in parishes with Lutheran Schools. Before accepting his current role at the Foundation, Phil served as a gift planning counselor in the Indiana District.

Phil and his wife Maridee have three daughters: Bethany Krupski (Milwaukee, WI), Rebekah Krupski (Cleveland, OH) and Katherine Krupski (Indianapolis, IN).