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God, I Need to Talk to You | Peggy Kuethe

In this episode of the Concordia Publishing House Podcast, Elizabeth Pittman is joined by CPH colleague Peggy Kuethe, who is Senior Editor of Children & Family Resources at CPH. The pair discusses the beloved children’s books in the series God, I Need to Talk to You and talk about the new editions coming this spring. 

The new God, I Need to Talk to You books will be available on in March 2023. 

Show Notes:

Talking with your children about the hard things in life is not always easy. In this episode, CPH editor Peggy Kuethe talks about the resources that the God, I Need to Talk to You books provide to parents and families when discussing difficult topics such as anger, greed, bullying, feeling sad, and more. Peggy and Elizabeth also preview the new editions coming out in March 2023 that will cover timely topics including screen time, violence, worrying, and loving others.
 Questions Covered

·        These new releases cover hard topics to talk about – fear, patience, loving others, screen time, violence, and worrying. What are some signs that children are struggling with these?

·        What are some age-appropriate conversation starters to discuss these topics with the young ones?

·        How do you teach and encourage children to pray?

·        How do you help children understand what God is?

·        These books provide an excellent framework for addressing these weighty topics – think about their behavior, pray about it, and look to the Scripture. Can you discuss a little how parents and others charged with caring for children (relatives, teachers, etc.)  can use this framework with children for any difficult topic?
 About the Guest

Peggy Kuethe is Senior Editor of Children & Family Resources at Concordia Publishing House.