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Grace Under Pressure | Rev. Dr. Chris Kennedy

During this episode of the Concordia Publishing House Podcast, Rev. Dr. Chris Kennedy discusses his upcoming book, Grace Under Pressure: Responding Faithfully to Stress, with host Elizabeth Pittman. Chris talks about releasing his second book with CPH and shares what led him to write about the grace Jesus showed on the cross. 

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Show Notes:

Rev. Dr. Chris Kennedy speaks about how he used Christ’s experience on the cross as an example to guide how Christians talk about grace and dealing with stress in his upcoming book, Grace Under Pressure: Responding Faithfully to Stress. Chris also speaks of grace as an undeserved gift and how stress is becoming a national epidemic. 

So, how should all Christians approach stress? Chris provides his insight on this and more in this episode of the CPH podcast. Pre-order Grace Under Pressure by visiting         

Chris’s Website:
Instagram: @pastorchriskennedy      

Questions Covered:

 Pressure is such a large part of today’s society. Pressure to measure up and be enough. How do you approach this from a Christ-centered perspective?
 Lutherans often talk about grace as an undeserved gift. Can you explain this further?
 In your book you describe four types of grace: common, saving, sanctifying, and sustaining. Can you define these for us?
 How do we live with the grace of Christ while we constantly fail because of our sinful nature?
 In your first chapter you describe a performer who remains cool under pressure: Nik Wallenda (tightrope walker). What do you hope readers take away from this example?
 Stress is a real thing. Your second chapter opens with a story of a speaker talking about how stress is increasing. You called it a “national epidemic.” However the word stress is never spoken in the Bible. How do we approach stress as Christians?
 How have you learned to deal with stress in a healthy way?
 Stress is not necessarily sinful, its how we choose to deal with it and react to it. How can we follow Jesus’ example?
 How can we train ourselves to give ourselves grace when we feel immense pressure?

 About the Guest:

Christopher M. Kennedy is a blogger, podcaster, and pastor, serving a large congregation in 
San Antonio, Texas. He is also the author of Equipped: The Armor of God for Everyday Struggles. He earned a bachelor’s degree in communication, a master’s of theology, and a doctorate in ministry. Kennedy and his wife are parents of four children.