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Welcome to the Concordia Publishing House Podcast where we consider everything in the light of Jesus Christ who is the same today, yesterday, and forever. Hosted by Elizabeth Pittman.

Has American Christianity Failed? | Part 1 | Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller

Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller joins host Elizabeth Pittman for the first part of a two-part series to answer a big question: Has American Christianity failed? Bryan discusses different ideas surrounding this question, and leaves listeners with the assurance that can only come from one place – the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.
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 Show Notes:

Jesus never fails us. He claims us as His own. 

Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller offers this comfort to all Christians in this episode of The CPH Podcast. Bryan provides his thoughts on how believers can defend themselves against poor theological teachings, and what dangers there are in modern American teachings. Truth is our number one tool, and we must use it to combat errors in American Christianity and when trying to understand what God says in His Word.
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Questions Covered

·        How have Americans gone theologically nose-blind? How can we combat this?

·        What are the four movements that lead to error in American Christianity?

·        What does it mean to understand that God speaks in His Word and His speaking is in His Word?

About the Guest

Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller is the pastor at St. Paul and Jesus Deaf Lutheran Churches in Austin, TX.  Prior to that he was the pastor of Hope Lutheran Church in Aurora, CO since 2005.

He is the co-host of Table Talk Radio, the world’s most famous Lutheran theological game show. Bryan has a new hobby every day, but he always comes back to reading about Law and Gospel. He lives in Round Rock, TX with his wife Keri and four children.