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Has American Christianity Failed? | Part 2 | Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller

Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller rejoins host Elizabeth Pittman for the second part of a two-part series to answer a big question: Has American Christianity failed? The pair dive into the why behind American Christians’ move away from the real meaning of our faith, and what this means for the future.
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 Show Notes:

It is evident that American Christianity’s focus has turned from Christ to Christian. 

Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller explains what he means by this statement in this episode of The Concordia Publishing House Podcast. The source of our faith is Jesus, but many have confused this along the way. Instead, modern American Christians think that Jesus starts our faith but it us up to us to continue it through good works. Pastor Wolfmueller shares his thoughts on how American Christians can bring their focus back to Jesus and recognize the invitation to serve Him found in His Word. 

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Questions Covered

·        You write that American Christianity softens the Bible’s teaching on sin. What does that look like?

·        In American Christianity, the focus has moved from Christ to the Christian. Why is it essential that we keep the Cross/Christ at the center of our theology?

·        In American Christianity, the spiritual life is on the inside. What does this mean?  What is the better posture?  

·        What about good works? How does American Christianity view them? How does God view them?

·        “Christianity is not a religion, it’s a relationship.” What is this cliché supposed to mean and what are the problems with relationship theology?

·        How are we surprised by the Gospel?

·        What is the alternative to American Christianity?

About the Guest

Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller is the pastor at St. Paul and Jesus Deaf Lutheran Churches in Austin, TX.  Prior to that he was the pastor of Hope Lutheran Church in Aurora, CO since 2005.

He is the co-host of Table Talk Radio, the world’s most famous Lutheran theological game show. Bryan has a new hobby every day, but he always comes back to reading about Law and Gospel. He lives in Round Rock, TX with his wife Keri and four children.