Loving the Unlovable with Rev. Tim Carter

Who are the unlovable in this world? Taking the question a step further, who are the unlovable in your personal corner of the world? Of mine? Who are the people that we hear about on the news, read about, or even whisper about, that we find hard to love?

Our episode today is going to be a powerful one. We will be confronted with the hard questions of what it means to love the unlovable. Joining us for this conversation is Pastor Tim Carter. Tim has years of experience with a population many view as unlovable, death row inmates. During his years working on the Texas State Penitentiary System Death Squad, Tim participated in more than 150 executions. Today, he is the Care Ministry Pastor at Salem Lutheran Church in Tomball, Texas. He is also the author of The Executioner’s Redemption: My Story of Violence, Death, and Saving Grace.