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Lutheran Women in Mission 2023 Convention Sneak Peek | President Debbie Larson

President Debbie Larson of Lutheran Women in Mission (LWML) joins this episode of The Concordia Publishing House Podcast with host Elizabeth Pittman to give a preview of the upcoming LWML 40th Biennial Convention in June.
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Show Notes:
In this episode, listen as Debbie Larson, current president of Lutheran Women in Mission, gives an inside look at the upcoming convention in June and discusses what attendees should expect to experience. 
Debbie also talks about life in the office of president of LWML, the impact of some of the missions during her time serving in the organization, and encouragement for young women who are looking to get involved. 

Questions Covered

-Tell us a bit about LWML and why you love to do what you do.

-Are there a few missions that have stuck out to you in your memory as unique or extra impactful?

-How did you first get involved with LWML?

-What have been some of the highlights of your time as president?

-What does a typical day in the life of a Lutheran Women in Mission president look like?

-If you're talking to young women or women who have not typically been involved in Lutheran Women in Mission, what would you say to them to encourage them to get involved?

-What are your hopes and prayers for LWML as it moves into the future?

-What closing thoughts do you want to leave with our listeners as they think about Lutheran Women in Mission and serving the church and being involved?

About the Guest
Debbie Larson
has served as the president of Lutheran Women in Mission since 2019. She will complete her presidential term at the 2023 40th Biennial Convention and will see a new president elected to serve in the next term.