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Lutheran Women in Mission | Eden Keefe

Lutheran Women in Mission (LWML) President Eden Keefe joins host Elizabeth Pittman on this episode of The Concordia Publishing House Podcast to discuss being a woman in mission and a woman who serves Christ.

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Show Notes
In this episode, Eden sits down to discuss her new role as president, what she is looking forward to for the upcoming biennium, and how listeners can get involved in LWML as a young woman looking to serve Christ and the church. 

Eden also shares some of her favorite memories of LWML after having served and been involved in the organization for many years. She provides advice for those looking to get involved in ministry and gives her insight into how LWML continues to faithfully serve the LCMS.     

Questions Covered

·        What is LWML Sunday? How can it be celebrated in the congregation? 

·        Tell us about this year’s theme.

·        What were some of the highlights from this summer’s convention for you?

·        What excites you about the coming biennium? How can people support the LWML mission grants?

·        How can listeners support their local LWML? If they don’t have an active chapter, how can they get connected?

·        What tools have you found helpful for your personal devotions?

·        How did you get involved with Visual Faith Ministry?

·        What is the best encouragement you've received in your service in the Church?

·        Who is your favorite woman in the Bible?

·        What would you tell very young girls about what it means to be a woman in mission?

·        How can our listeners pray for you and the LWML?
About the Guest
Eden Keefe is president of LWML and was elected to this position at the LWML National Convention in 2023. She has also served as LWML Vice President of Christian Life from 2013-2017, as Leader Development Committee Chairman, and as a member of the Christian Resources Editors. Eden worked on the LWML Official Publications Staff as Christian Living Editor and has served LWML at the district level in the Kansas district as well as the LWML Carolinas District Recording Secretary.