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Meant for Good | Donna Snow

In this episode of The Concordia Publishing House Podcast, host Elizabeth Pittman welcomes Donna Snow back as a guest to discuss her newest book, Meant for Good: A Study of Joseph, and the magnificent story of Joseph as he faithfully waited for God’s plans to come together. 

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Show Notes:
Joseph’s life and its portrayal in Genesis is an epic journey through Scripture. In this episode, Donna talks about what listeners and readers can expect to learn from her upcoming Bible study that focuses on the life of Joseph – a phenomenal character laid out in Scripture. Donna also shares her love of pulling history and culture together to help a Bible story make sense in today’s world. Listen to the full episode to hear Donna’s reflections on what she found fascinating in Joseph’s story, how she describes “spiritual dehydration”,  and more.
Questions Covered

·   What can readers of your previous studies expect from your newest study?

·  Your latest study is set in ancient Egypt. Your introduction does a great job setting the reader up with historical and Biblical context for both Joseph and Egypt. Ancient Egypt in Joseph’s time sounds fascinating – what were some of the most interesting tidbits about ancient Egypt or Joseph’s life that you uncovered as you prepared to write this study?

·   You wrote in your introduction about Joseph being one of the most Christlike figures in Scripture. Can you elaborate on this point?

·  Joseph found himself in a dark spot when he was sent to Egypt. Even when we’re in the midst of dark circumstances, there can be benefits. What are some of the benefits these situations can teach us? How did that play out for Joseph?

·  You write about experiencing spiritual dehydration (in the context of experiencing seasons of famine that Joseph’s dreams foretold). Can you define what you mean by this? You share concrete warning signs of spiritual hydration – course talk, fatigue, anger, the presence of sin, and poor decision-making; are there any other warning signs to watch out for? And what guidance can you share for those who are experiencing spiritual dehydration?

·  What are some lessons about forgiveness we can take away from Joseph’s story?

·   How do we know if we’re actually forgiven someone? You share four litmus tests for this in (Week 4, Day 2) that are very helpful. Can you talk about these tests a little more? (As a recap, those 4 tests are: general thoughts test, failure test, revenge test, and opportunity to help test.)
 About the Guest

A soul-stirring, engaging speaker, author, Bible teacher, and worship leader, Donna Pyle has a passion for studying and teaching God’s Word. Her clear, down-to-earth style encourages women of all ages to wholeheartedly love, serve, and live for Jesus Christ. Since launching Artesian Ministries in 2007, Donna has scratched out over 20 Bible studies and enjoys the incredible privilege of traveling throughout the U.S. and internationally to speak and teach where the Lord opens doors. Donna writes regularly on her blog, Hydrated Living, as she seeks to find beauty in the quiet and sacred in the chaos, treasuring that this path is a holy experience planned by God before the beginning of time. A native, life-long Texan, Donna fuels her incredible journey with the Word, coffee, chocolate, family, friends and worship.