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Measured by Grace | Sharla Fritz

Measured by Grace | Sharla Fritz

Author Sharla Fritz joins host Elizabeth Pittman during this episode of the Concordia Publishing House Podcast to discuss the ideas behind her upcoming Bible study, Measured by Grace: How God Defines Success. When we feel lost or like we are failing, Sharla encourages Christians to remember how God values us as His children. 

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 Show Notes:

Failure doesn’t mean God will permanently withdraw His love from us. Success doesn’t depend on us – it’s all about Jesus’ love and grace. In Sharla Fritz’s upcoming book Measured by Grace: How God Defines Success, she shows us that  when our failures make us feel worthless, God’s Word tells us He loves us even when we mess up. 

Sharla Fritz’s writing shows us that God's measuring stick is nothing at all like the world’s idea of success.

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Questions Covered

·        What drew you to the topic of perfection?

·        How does God’s measuring stick differ from the worlds? Why should this matter to us?

·        When we catch ourselves judging and tearing down ourselves, how can we refocus to Christ?

·        What helps you the most when you feel like a failure?

·        Tell us about the Greatest Success Story?

·        God uses broken and people who are “failures” over and over to do His will. How does this give us hope?

·        How can we train ourselves to stay away from the comparison game?

·        In your book, you use the examples of many Biblical figures and their failures. From Joseph to Rahab, and even Peter, how are these people just like us?

·        You call David the “Supersize Sinner.” What are the takeaways from his story?

·        The Samaritan Woman provides such an amazing image of the grace of God. What do we learn from her story?

·        You have written several books and studies. How does the process look the same yet different for each book?

·        What inspired you to start writing?

About the Guest

Sharla Fritz loves to speak with women’s groups and to share about her own struggles, victories, and failures, speaking about how God is miraculously present through them all. In doing so, she hopes to share a few laughs and meet new sisters in Christ. Sharla is a Lutheran author, musician and speaker. She has published multiple books through Concordia Publishing House, including most recently Measured by Grace: How God Defines Success and God’s Relentless Love: A Study of Hosea