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Newest Concordia Commentary – Isaiah 13 – 27 | Rev. Dr. Paul Raabe

In this episode of The Concordia Publishing House Podcast, Rev. Dr. Paul Raabe joins host Elizabeth Pittman to discuss his work on the newest volume in the Concordia Commentary series, Isaiah 13 – 27 – Concordia Commentary

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 Show Notes

Chapters 13 to 27 of the book of Isaiah are often overlooked, yet they are invaluable. These chapters play an integral part in our understanding of God's plan for all of his people.

Listen to this episode as author Dr. Paul Raabe explores his time writing the newest edition in the Concordia Commentary series that covers Isaiah chapters 13 to 27. Dr. Raabe will provide insight into the message found in this text, the impact of studying Isaiah on his own faith, and encouragement for lay people who may be interested in diving into this Old Testament book of the Bible. 


–        What was it like spending so much of your professional life studying Isaiah?

–        When you’re translating from Hebrew to English, how difficult is it to capture the nuance of the poetry found in Isaiah?

–        Tell us about the message of the book of Isaiah as a whole. 

–        Are the judgments found in these chapters of Isaiah only meant for unbelievers or do they also apply to Christians? How do we look at that today?

–        Tell us about the Gospel message found in Isaiah. Do we see that message come through in these prophecies?

–        Have you found studying Isaiah over the years has had an impact on your personal faith?

–        You’ve taught about Isaiah in a variety of contexts. How have you approached teaching Isaiah in all these contexts?

–        What ways have you found to be effective to encourage your students to spend time in the Word?

–        For those of us who are not trained in Hebrew, what is your encouragement for the average lay people who may pick up this volume of Concordia Commentary?

 About the Guest
Dr. Paul Raabe
is a professor emeritus at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, retiring in 2018 after 35 years as professor of Exegetical Theology. Dr. Raabe’s areas of interest and expertise include the Hebrew Prophets and poetry, Old Testament theology, and biblical theology. He has also served on The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod’s Commission on Theology and has co-edited a previous piece for Concordia Publishing House, The Press of the Text, a Festschrift in honor of Concordia Seminary Professor Dr. James W. Voelz. Dr. Raabe received his Master of Divinity from Concordia Seminary and a Bachelor of Arts from Concordia University, Nebraska, a Master of Arts from Washington University in St. Louis, and a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.