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Organizing for Ministry & Mission | Dr. David Peter

Every congregation needs to determine its organizational strategy in order to best proclaim the Gospel. In the first episode of season four of The Concordia Publishing House Podcast, host Elizabeth Pittman is joined by Dr. David Peter from Concordia Seminary St. Louis to discuss his new book, Organizing for Ministry and Mission: Options for Church Structure. Available on now.

Show Notes:
Organization is never optional. 

In order for any church to best administer sacraments and care for its members, all congregations must take a thoughtful approach to structural details in order to carry out its goals for ministry and mission. Dr. David Peter dives into this idea and why he chose this topic as the main theme in his new book in this episode. While Church congregations are more than just an organization, it is vital to think of it as both a part of the body of Christ and an organization that requires intentional leadership and purposeful guidance in organizational structure. 
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Questions Covered

·        Why do we need organization in the church?

·        Why do you think the need for organization often overlooked?

·        What theological dynamics are at work in parish organization?

·        What guidance did CFW Walther have about congregational organization? What can we take away from his guidance today?

·        You write that organizing your church is not optional. What are the models of organization that are common today, and how can congregations organize for the better?

·        How will a church know if it's selected the right organizing model?

·        From a laity perspective – what tips/advice do you have for members to get involved in the church and why would you encourage congregants to get involved in opportunities to help run the church?

·        How has the COVID experience changed the ways in which church boards function?

·        What advice do you have for congregational board(s)/members?

·        Can you talk about some common mistakes you see church leaders make and how to overcome them?

About the Guest

Dr. David J. Peter has spent twenty-three years in the parish, experiencing the realities of pastoral ministry and researching congregational dynamics. As a professor of practical theology and the dean of faculty at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, he regularly leads courses for practicing pastors. He has also gained many insights from students about the realities of administration and leadership in congregations.