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Welcome to the Concordia Publishing House Podcast where we consider everything in the light of Jesus Christ who is the same today, yesterday, and forever. Hosted by Elizabeth Pittman.

Promised Rest | Michelle Diercks

During this episode of the Concordia Publishing House Podcast, listen as Michelle Diercks reflects on different names of the Lord and the peace His names give to believers with host Elizabeth Pittman. Author Michelle Diercks introduces her new study, Promised Rest: Finding Peace in God’s Presence, and digs into the relief that is found from God’s unique characteristics during times of hardship. Find out more about Michelle by visiting and listen to her podcast Peace in His Presence on Spotify at

Show Notes:

In this episode, Elizabeth and Michelle discuss her new women’s Bible study, Promised Rest: Finding Peace in God’s Presence. Michelle gives a preview of eight of the names of God covered in her book and speaks about her own experience of learning how to find peace in who God is rather than her own strength. She also touches on God’s continual presence in our lives and how she set out to remind readers who they are as His children: cared for and loved. Learn more about Michelle and her Peace in His Presence podcast at

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Questions Covered:
 > What drew you to the names of God as a topic for study?
 > Let’s talk about the 5 R’s…what are they and how can they help us?
 > As you talk to women, what questions/topics do you hear the most about their lack of/need for peace?
 > Let’s pick a couple names of God to talk about…Elohim and Immanuel
 > What are some ways that we can be intentional about spending time in His presence?
 > What surprised you about writing a bible study?
 > How can listeners connect with you?

About the Guest:
 Michelle Diercks received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Concordia University in St. Paul, MN. Her majors were in the director of Christian education program and elementary education, with minors in youth and family ministry. She served The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod as a director of Christian education for nine years, and as a professional and a volunteer, she has taught God's Word for 32 years. She is also the podcast host of Peace in His Presence.