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Seven Practices of Healthy Youth Ministry | Rev. Mark Kiessling & Julianna Shults

This episode of The Concordia Publishing House Podcast features guests Rev. Mark Kiessling and Julianna Shults from LCMS Youth Ministry as they walk through seven practices for creating a healthy youth ministry. 

Read all of the practices that Mark and Julianna cover in a recent edition of Lutheran Life Magazine by visiting

Show Notes:      

Mark and Julianna join host Elizabeth Pittman in this episode to define what healthy youth ministry looks like. 

Youth and their roles in the church are highly valued by God, and God calls churches to nurture and serve the youth in their congregations. As Mark and Julianna go through the seven practices that come out of this idea, the pair explains key areas churches should examine in their youth life. They reflect on the importance of developing youth ministry practices based on what Scripture says and how we are called to serve as disciples of Jesus. 

 About the Guest

Rev. Mark Kiessling is the director of LCMS Youth Ministry.
Julianna Shults is the program manager for LCMS Youth Ministry. 

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