Teaching Faith for a Lifetime with Rev. Pete Jurchen

God’s Word is timeless. It’s for everyone. But studying the Word is not a one and done experience. It is meant to be an ongoing, lifelong process.

As we go through our daily lives we are confronted with big questions. A quick glance at the news headlines these days reveals many big topics that we as Christians are left to wrestle with. While these questions may change from day to day, the Word doesn’t change. Rather it speaks to us as we navigate our way through the challenges we are faced with.

Simply put, the stronger our foundation is in the Word, the better equipped we will be to handle the big topics that come our way. We’re still sinful human beings, so we won’t always get it right, but we now where we can turn for hope, guidance, and forgiveness.

But how do we as adults, parents, teachers, church workers help our children develop a strong foundation for faith, to become lifelong faith learning? How do we help equip them to turn to God’s Word when they are faced with the big questions?

Teaching the faith to our children is an epic responsibility. How can we be best equipped to meet that responsibility? That’s what we’ll be talking about today with our guest, Rev. Pete Jurchen.