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Ten Questions to Ask Every Time You Read the Bible | Rev. Andrew R. Jones

In this episode of The Concordia Publishing House Podcast, Rev. Andy Jones talks about his tips for understanding the Bible that are included in his upcoming book, Ten Questions to Ask Every Time You Read the Bible

To preview Andy’s book (released November 2022) visit

 Show Notes:

Reading Scripture by yourself can be intimidating. Andy Jones has come up with 10 questions to use to improve your Bible-reading skills. 

Listen as Andy walks through a preview of the questions he has created as tools to use as you meditate on Biblical verses. He also gives an in-depth view of how he realized he wanted to help readers deepen their understanding of Scripture and why he picked 10 questions in total. Andy concludes with explaining how he believes Church leaders will be able to use this book in their teaching.
 Andy’s website:
Instagram: @andyamca

Questions Covered:

·         What led you to realize that you wanted to deep your understanding of Scripture?

·         How will this book enrich the lives of everyday Christians?

·         A lot of people are really insecure about reading the Bible. How will this book help them?

·         Why did you pick these ten questions, and is their order significant?

·         Let’s talk about 3 of the questions: 

                 Who are you, Lord?
                 How did we get here?
                 Where have I heard this before?

·         Why should we ask, “what questions remain?”

·         How do you think this book will benefit Church leaders? (Pastors, DCEs, teachers, etc.)

·         How could you see Church leaders using this book in their teaching?

About the Guest:

Rev. Andrew R. Jones lives in the Bay Area of California where he enjoys writing, hiking, and adventures with his wife, Stephanie. He has served the church on three continents in varying roles including campus ministry, international mission work, professor of preaching, and parish pastor. His writings speak to the importance of spiritual disciplines in the midst of a hectic world. His book, Ten Questions to Ask Every Time You Read the Bible will be released in November 2022. You can find more of his writing by visiting