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The Gospel of Mark | Rev. Dr. James Voelz

Rev. Dr. James Voelz joins host Elizabeth Pittman on the first episode of season 5 of The Concordia Publishing House Podcast. Dr. Voelz is the author of two volumes of the Concordia Commentary Series on the Gospel of Mark. During the episode, Dr. Voelz shares an overview of Mark as well as some of the linguistic themes and the grammatical ideas that make the Mark unique.

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Show Notes

Unpack the richness of the Law and Gospel of Mark during this episode with guest Rev. Dr. James Voelz.

Listen now as Dr. Voelz dives into the unique Gospel of Mark and uncovers the relationship between Mark and the other Gospels. Listeners will get an overview of the book itself, insight into how Mark is written, the speed at which this Gospel is written, what stories are covered, and a look into linguistic themes throughout the chapters.


–        How was your time at the Society of Biblical Literature and how were your Commentaries received there?

–        What is the significance of Mark as a Gospel?

–        How is it different than the other Gospel accounts?

–        Talk about your oral presentation of Mark and your part in memorizing this Gospel.

About the Guest

Rev. Dr. James Voelz is the Dr. Jack Dean Kingsbury Professor of New Testament Theology at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. A faculty member since 1989, he is a graduate professor of Exegetical Theology. He has also served as chair of the Department of Exegetical Theology (2013–15), dean of the faculty (2006–10) and dean of the Graduate School (1996–2002).