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Themes in Lenten Hymns | Peter Reske

In this episode, Peter Reske discusses the history and significance of three Lenten hymns.

Peter Reske is Senior Editor of Music/Worship at Concordia Publishing House.

Learn more about the Lutheran Service Book and the Lutheran Service Book Companion to the Hymns.

Show Notes:

Lent doesn’t have to be Holy Week… yet. The season of Lent is more than just the build up to Holy Week. The season of Lent has us focusing for 40 days on preparing for Christ’s passion in repentance and reminds us of our identities as baptized children of God. Catechesis through Lenten Hymns can point us to the Word and Sacraments. 

 During this episode Peter Reske teaches us how three Lenten hymns impact our walk with Christ during this season. Learn the history behind the text and tune and insider information on how the hymnal is organized and compiled. Remember our role in God’s salvation plan and Jesus’ story through Lenten hymns LSB 430, 425, 449-450.

 Questions Covered:

  • What themes are already present in the Lenten season?
  • How does confession and absolution feed into this time in the Church Year?
  • Historically, how does the hymn of the day subvert our expectations for Lent?
  • What is the history behind the LSB 430?
  • Which poem is LSB 430 similar to?
  • How are we not any different from the “characters” in the hymn?
  • What does friend mean in this context?
  • How does the tune fit into the text?
  • What have the changes to LSB 425 been and what does the hymn writer have to do with it?
  • What Bible verse is LSB 425 likely based upon?
  • How do the stanzas work to teach us about Christ?
  • Why two tunes for LSB 425?
  • What is interesting about the tunes of LSB 449-450?
  • How did the LSB Hymnody Committee order the tunes?
  • Who is this hymn attributed to and what language was it written in?
  • How do we use the seven wounds of Christ to understand this hymn?
  • Where is the Gospel?
  • How does the language referring to Jesus change throughout LSB 449-450?

 About the Guest:

Peter C. Reske, senior editor of music/worship at Concordia Publishing House, holds degrees in English literature and historical musicology from Marquette University and The Pennsylvania State University. He was the editor of Lutheran Service Book and its attendant resources.