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Unforgivable? | Ted Kober and Mark Rockenbach

On this episode of The Concordia Publishing House Podcast, co-authors Ted Kober and Mark Rockenbach join host Elizabeth Pittman to discuss their new book, Unforgivable? How God’s Forgiveness Transforms Our Lives. The trio talks about how unforgiveness is a prison – mentally, emotionally, and spiritually – and dive into what true forgiveness from Christ looks like. Get a copy of Ted and Mark’s new book at  

Show Notes
We have all faced situations where we feel we can’t forgive someone else or where we feel we are unforgivable for what we’ve done or said. Only through Christ do we see what real forgiveness and being forgiven look like. Listen to this episode of the podcast to hear from co-authors Ted and Mark as they debut their new book and discuss important topics such as what unforgiveness is, how we can learn to forgive someone by Christ’s example, and what happens when we refuse to forgive. Listeners will hear from the authors themselves as they reflect on how their book can be used in different settings and what they believe will bring you back to their insight on unforgiveness again and again.
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Tell us why the topic of unforgiveness is so important to address.
How do you define unforgiveness?
What does that process (of being able to forgive) look like?  
“Why can’t I just forgive and forget?” Tell us about that question.
 In many cases, an action leading to someone needing forgiveness leads to consequences. Tell us why forgiveness does not necessarily remove those consequences. 
Could you share an example with us of a situation where someone has overcome unforgiveness in their life and what that looked like?
What happens when we don’t forgive?
What can we do if we have someone in our lives who is stuck in that place of unforgiveness? 
How do you imagine the book being used in a congregational setting or by a counselor working with people?
Tell us a little bit about what being a reconciler means and where you have seen God at work.
Mark, how has your teaching and research over the years set you up to write this book? What encouragement would you leave listeners with as they wrestle with forgiving someone or accepting someone’s offer of forgiveness?

About the Guests
Ted Kober, a Certified Christian Conciliator™ since 1992, reconciles personal disputes, lawsuits, and church conflicts. He has published numerous resources and taught reconciliation on six continents. Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, awarded Ted a doctor of letters degree, honoris causa, for his writing, speaking, and impact to the global church.
Mark Rockenbach (MDiv, MA, PhD) is an associate professor of practical theology at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, where he also directs various programs. Previously, he served as a parish pastor, an executive for church worker health and reconciliation, and a mental health counselor. Mark and his wife, Darlene have three children, Joshua, Rachel, and Andrew.