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When Worldly Advice Fails | Faith Doerr

Author Faith Doerr joins this episode of The Concordia Publishing House Podcast to discuss how we can turn to the Bible to find comfort, rather than modern self-help phrases. She also talks about how she addresses these issues in her new book, God’s Encouraging Word:  True Comforts When Worldly Advice Fails, which will release on July 23 and is available for pre-order now. 

Show Notes
“Just be positive!” “God only gives you what you can handle.” “Others have it harder.” People mean well when they say these phrases. They intend to offer comfort and help during difficult times. Yet, ask yourself, do these self-help phrases actually offer comfort to you, or do they make things feel worse?

Author Faith Doerr has heard her fair share of these phrases during struggles in her life. And she knows first-hand how they feel like “nails on a chalkboard” from the receiving end. If these phrases don't offer comfort, then is there something that can? Scripture. God's Word is full of true comfort that can help you in times of trouble and distress. In her new book, Faith takes a look at eight self-help phrases to see how they can actually do the opposite of their intentions, then turns to the Bible to find real words of comfort you can offer to those who need it. Preview her new book by listening to the full episode. 

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· Tell our audience a bit about you.

· How did you get started with your blog and Facebook community?

· How have you enjoyed the book writing/publishing process?

·What was it that led to you wanting to write about this topic?

· You mention that you're an avid journaler in the introduction. Can you talk a little about how you got started journaling and what role it plays in your faith life?

·You include journaling prompts throughout your book. Do you have some tips to share for those who haven't been journaling much or at all?

· What is the Doerr household approach to handling confusion?

·  If there was one saying you could delete from everyone’s dialogue, what would it be?

· Of all the myths you cover in your book, which one do you think is the most convincing?

· What is your response to hearing someone say “You are stronger than this problem/trial”?

·  While addressing myth 7 “Others Have it Worse”, you share some guidance on what makes a person safe or unsafe, helpful or harmful. Would you briefly explain why this is important and recap this guidance for us?

About the Guest
Faith Doerr is married to Preston and is a mama to two children: Lydia and Ezekiel. Faith received her Bachelor of Elementary Education and Lutheran teachers diploma, along with her Master of Education in trauma and resilience from Concordia Nebraska. Currently, she teaches first grade at Concordia Academy in Omaha, Nebraska. Faith writes for her blog Imperfectly Perfect Living and has the Facebook community Healthy Mamas. Here she, with the Holy Spirit working through her, teaches mamas to create a Christ-seeking life and a healthy well-being. Faith has published two mental health journals and speaks at wellness retreats and women's conferences. She is also the co-host of Seasoned Mamas: God's Grace for Every Season of Motherhood Podcast.