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Why Should I Trust the Bible | Trevor Sutton

In this episode of The Concordia Publishing House Podcast, Rev. Trevor Sutton discusses the truth about Scripture, reassuring listeners that the Bible is inspired and breathed out by God. We as followers of Jesus ought to trust His Word.

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 Show Notes:

Many people have questioned the Bible and proclaimed that “The Bible is racist,” or, “The Bible has too many errors and edits,” or, “The Bible is merely a mythological story like Homer’s Odyssey.” As Christians, we know all these things to be false. Sutton dives into these questions and provides evidence for how we can be sure that the Bible is true and trustworthy.

Learn answers to many common attacks of Scripture and be prepared to defend your faith using solid evidence. You’ll see that when all other texts fall, the Bible still stands—as completely, undeniably trustworthy.


Questions Covered:

·        Why can we trust the Bible?

·        Why is it important that Jesus is the foundation of our trust in the Bible?

·        What are some of the elements that make up the body of evidence for why we can trust in the Bible?

·        The creation account in the Bible is not myth. How does Scripture make this clear?

·        What do you say to some who says, “the Bible is so full of errors and human edits that it can’t be trusted.”

·        Why is it important to recognize the work of the Holy Spirit in writing the Bible?

·        What are some arguments people have used to discredit the history contained in the Bible? How does the Bible prove these arguments incorrect?

·        What are some common “discrepancies” found in the Gospels and how can we refute them?

·        Far from being old and obsolete, the Bible is real and relevant to us today. What are some of the ways it is relevant to our contemporary culture?

·        Some people will claim that translations of the Bible are vastly different from the original texts. How do you respond to those claims?

·        How does the statement “all religions are essentially about being a good person” misrepresent the message of Scripture?

·        Why is it outrageous by modern standards to claim that the Bible is right while other holy texts are wrong?


About the Guest:

Rev. A. Trevor Sutton is senior pastor at St. Luke Lutheran Church in Haslett, MI. He is currently a graduate student in Writing and Rhetoric at Michigan State University. Sutton has a BA from Concordia University in Ann Arbor, MI, and an MDiv from Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, MO. Sutton’s work has appeared in Faith & Leadership (Duke Divinity School), The Cresset (Valparaiso University), and Concordia Journal (Concordia Seminary). He has published multiple sermons, Bible studies, and devotional books with various Christian publishers. He previously served as managing editor of Relief Journal: A Christian Literary Expression. He speaks at academic conferences, retreats, and congregations. Sutton lives in Lansing, MI, with his wife, Elizabeth, and daughter, Grace. He enjoys cycling, hiking, fly-fishing, and impromptu dance parties with his daughter.