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Wise Men Seek the Savior | Elena Fox

In this episode of The Concordia Publishing House Podcast, teacher Elena Fox discusses a creative activity for children to learn more about the Christmas story. Wise Men Seek the Savior: Family Advent Activity Kit is a perfect resource to use at home or in the classroom.

Order the activity kit Wise Men Seek the Savior: Family Advent Activity Kit by visiting Check out the Playmobil Three Wise Kings as a supplement to the activity kit.

 Show Notes:

Christmas is quickly approaching! Elena Fox, an elementary teacher, offers a creative Christian alternative to other secular Christmas products. Follow the Wise Men as they make their way to Jesus and travel all over your home. Fox shares her experience using this kit in her classroom, as well as shares the excitement that it brings to her students and the faculty. 

Not the creative type? Not a problem. In this episode, Fox will also share her tips and tricks for making this a success this Christmas. Many of the suggestions are also featured in the kit, making it super user-friendly and hassle-free.

Questions Covered:

·         What lead you to create Wise Men Seek the Savior?

·         How did you discover that there was a need for this in our homes and classrooms?

·         What makes this kit different from other products (such as Elf on the Shelf)?

·         As our families are decorating for Christmas, what do you hope they remember?

·         How have you used this in your classroom?

·         Why do you call this a treasure hunt? What comes in the kit?

·         Whare tips do you have for parents who will be using this in their homes?

·         What did you learn about the Magi that may have surprised you?

About the Guest:

Elena Fox is a commissioned teacher for the LCMS at Christ Lutheran School in Phoenix, AZ.